Saturday, March 04, 2017

By the Morning's Twilight and a misplaced Dagger

Morogrim, Ug and Wesley walked to the mouth of the Cavern.  The shambling form of the wounded Brithan could be seen disappearing into the underbrush below.  The sky!  It was unbelievably beautiful.  It was clear the Scourge was over and the land had recovered.  At the base of the valley ran a stream, likely the same that existed before the Scourge, and it split a large walled town, with smoke rising from the chimneys of many of the houses.

It was then that they noticed the sky was continuing to brighten, getting a lighter and lighter shade of blue before busting into brilliance as what could only be the sun burst over the far hills.  It was hard to take it all in.  The world was so vast compared to their Kaer.

Soon enough, their thoughts returned to their mission: Find out what happened to the previous expedition.

Morogrim and the others were having a hard time understanding it all.  Were the traps for the Horrors?  Surely the violet crystal was such a thing, but the doors blocking the shaft rooms, and the portcullis were of recent manufacture.  Where were their masters and the others?  How could a community exist so close without exploring the caves and letting the Kaer know it was safe?  Where was the horror that kept them pinned inside the Kaer for the last 50 years?

Just then, Ug noticed a metallic gleam in some grass near the cave mouth, it was Master Armbreaker's 5th favorite dagger.  Ug had brought it to Master Armbreaker and returned it a dozen times during the preparations for the expedition.  If there was anything that Ug would have known that Master Armbreaker did have with her, it was that dagger.  Yet here it was tossed into the grass, sheathless and....None of this makes any sense.

Wesley, Morogrim and Ug took a moment to review the events that brought them to his place.

The Light Crystal, and the cult of the horror.  The Corrupted Dagger.  Rhandahl's descent, redemption and death.  The stolen bowl.  The doorway to another place.  The blind illusionist.  The weaver's sorrow. The prisoner's release, and how he led them to the cult's hideout.  The Last Chance for the Questor.  The Offer They Couldn't Refuse.  The traps in the halls.

Wesley piped in, "Don't forget the Brave Swordsman who Challenged a Brithan and won with a single strike."

They all laughed

The looked at the town below and back to the caves.  Which way should they go?  To report what they know, or attempt to find out more?  We'll find out more in two weeks.

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